Quotations of the Week

Painting for me is a set of connections, a set of sensations of conflicting movements and experiences, which somehow, one hopes, has congealed or cohered or risen out of the battle into being an image that stands up for itself.
— Frank Auerbach

You have to have something that you don’t ask anybody else about. I’ve always been aware of that with painting. No one else can really help you, or say whether it’s good or bad. It’s just you and it, and that’s great. You can handle everything else in your life much more easily, because you have that place where you are on your own.
— Lois Dodd

In mathematics, the complicated things are reduced to simple things. So it is in painting.
— Thomas Eakins

I do not think about you when I paint. I paint for myself, to follow my interests, to satisfy my curiosity. 
— Catherine Murphy

I think what we all want from art is a sense of fixity, a sense of opposing the chaos of daily living. This is an illusion, of course. What I’ve tried to capture is the reality of flux, to keep art an open, incomplete situation, to get at the rapture of seeing.
— Ellsworth Kelly